Our Software Adds Real Value to Your Abila™ MIP Fund Accounting Software

We have the MIP add-on solutions you want

Our users tell us our software and service solutions easily add at least 20% value in increased productivity, ease of use, stability, and needed features. In addition, specific software solutions focus on increasing your security in the US and abroad. We don’t want you to be a victim of fraud or embezzlement.

Why? Because they told their TeamNFP Certified Business Partner what they needed and we created it. All TeamNFP software is developed with input from our users. It is extensively field tested by users and updated regularly to meet the changes made in Abila MIP Fund Accounting® and new regulations plus meeting challenges posed by cyber and in house criminals.

We bring additional value to users through our training, documentation, and ongoing maintenance and support. Each is created and provided by staff with a financial background not just software expertise.

The TeamNFP family of software solutions are your teammates for:

  • Payroll
    We improve payroll tracking and reporting. We also have special solutions for those who use a third-party payroll vendor such as PayChex or ADP instead of Abila’s MIP Payroll module. Other TeamNFP add-on software improves timesheet collection for those that DO use Abila’s MIP Payroll module. Another solution integrates employee demographic information between ABRA HR and Abila’s Payroll module for users of both those systems.
  • General Ledger
    Make general ledger reporting and copying of those reports more efficient. You can e-mail your AR Statements to your customers. Another TeamNFP solution gives you access to all the functionality of MIP’s reporting capabilities on both an accrual basis and cash basis.
  • Specific Solutions
    We do have some specific solutions that may apply to your situation.
    Current specific solutions:
    1. Integrate the MIP AR module with Medi-Sked online Medical Billing.
    2. Integrate the MIP GL with transaction summaries from Yardi and Skyline Property Management software.
    3. Parking control for Indian Nations.
  • Custom
    Contact your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner or us directly to discuss developing a solution for your special situation. If you don’t have a partner, contact us for recommendations or contact one of our TeamNFP Certified Partners near you or that specializes in your kind of nonprofit.
  • Our Services
    We fully train and support our customers on all our products. We offer other data management services, too. You may either contact us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Partner about your specific need. If we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.