Our General Ledger MIP Add-On Solutions Save Time & Give Added Protections

Add these security, billing, and time saving software solutions to your Abila MIP program to meet your toughest challenges. Easy to use but with plenty of support when needed.

Ask for a demo by contacting us directly or your  TeamNFP Certified Business Partner. Got a unique problem? We do provide custom solutions. Talk to us or to your Business Partner.

Our clients are nonprofits located in the US and abroad. Go here to see who uses TeamNFP software. To find out if nonprofits like you use a specific product, please contact your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner, the only authorized reseller of our products. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.

  • Security Protection at Home & Abroad
    • Positive Pay TM8 – 4.0
      Cyber security to lock out criminals. Produce a file for your bank that will virtually eliminate the possibility of being a victim of check fraud. OUR RECENTLY-RELEASED VERSION 4.0 to be shown at the Abila 2013 User Conference!
    • Multi-Lingual Checks TM8 – 3.0
      Produce checks with the word picture in your local language instead of English. Less chance for error or omission.
    • Check Clearing TM8 – 1.1
      Read a file from your bank and let all the cleared checks be marked for you in the Bank Rec module in Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting.
    • International Wire Transfer TM8 – 1.0
      Create the disbursement data file for International Wires instead of having to key it into your bank’s web page.
    • Citi Bank Wire TM8 – 1.2
      Create a wire transfer file for Citi Bank from the disbursement session you select from those you’ve made in MIP Fund Accounting.
  • Billing and Grant Reimbursement Made Easy
    • AR TM8 E-mailer – 3.5
      Select Invoice calculation IDs or a Statement Setup you made in Abila MIP’s AR Billing module, refine the selection of Customers, and send them via e-mail to either the Service or Billing contact’s e-mail address. Neat new tracking feature and UDF support!
    • Draw Down Mgt TM8 – 1.1
      Track Reimbursement Requests to be sure and get all your funding covered, but avoid duplicate requests for the same expense item.
  • Time Savers
    • Report Group TM8 – 1.4
      Freebie for all MIP Fund Accounting Users! Create a new Report Group Set by copying from an existing one.
  • Custom
    • Contact your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner or us directly to discuss developing a solution for your special situation. If you don’t have a partner, contact us for recommendations or contact one of our TeamNFP Certified Partners near you or that specializes in your kind of nonprofit.
  • Other Services
    • We fully train and support our customers on all our products. We offer other data management services, too. You may either contact us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Partner about your specific need. If we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.