TeamNFP Services

Help and Support are Always Available

TeamNFP supports all its customers with telephone and e-mail support as part of the Gold Service maintenance and support plan that comes with each product. The fine training performed by our Certified Business Partners and the excellent documentation included with the products greatly reduce your need for support.

But when the need arises, users have access to our live remote support help desk which is available from 8am-6pm Central Time, Monday – Friday. Use our toll free number: 866-748-2933.


Take advantage of our experience and expertise to arrive at the best solution in providing a custom extension to your TeamNFP product’s functionality.

Some products, such as Accrual to Cash TM8, require data conversion or will provide additional functionality if customized SQL is written for your specific purposes. We can offer technical advice to your own staff or consultants or perform these services for you.

Your nonprofit may find it needs other data-related services in connection with their use of Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting. We can help with situations ranging from critical data rescue to a well-planned project to reconstruct your database (to add or remove a segment or change a column width, for example).

Data Conversion

If you have data in a legacy accounting system, you may want to convert it to use in MIP Fund Accounting. We have experience in bringing accounting data from a variety of other programs into a new MIP Fund Accounting organization database. See if your business partner agrees that this is a cost-effective project for you and have them contact us to proceed if you decide to proceed.

Database Migration

If you’ve had your Fund Accounting database for several years, you have probably decided that there are some changes you’d like to make in light of your experience with it. You might want to remove a segment whose use really hasn’t panned out as expected. Or you might want to add one you didn’t think of at start-up time but whose need is now obvious. You may wish to expand the width of a segment or other critical field (e.g. Vendor ID, Employee ID, Transaction Description, etc.). Maybe you have so much history that you’d like to just leave it in its present form as an archive resource and move forward with a leaner, meaner database that only has the last year or two in it (and perhaps remove all those inactive vendors and customers whose activity is only in the prior years). Let our database wizards grant your wishes!

Custom SQL

Have you got a reporting need that it seems Abila has somehow left out of Fund Accounting? In most cases, when you call for our assistance with this, we’ll actually just be showing you how to get what you want from their existing reports. But there are some complicated scenarios, often involving UDFs, for which a custom query will gather what you want with much greater efficiency than the report or reports necessary within the Abila product. We have helped several organizations produce cash basis check registers reflecting expenses paid by checks in period of interest (without regard for the period in which they were accrued). We can even help you gather information from both the Abila Fund Accounting database and other SQL databases in your server environment. Challenge us with your need.

Allocations Assistance

The table-based allocation method in Abila Fund Accounting is terrific, but having to manually populate the tables in the user interface can be a burden for many organizations. We built a system of SQL queries for a user who needs to do more than twenty of these each month with sources that are excel spreadsheets of a distribution of labor hours from their external payroll system spanning dozens of rows for each allocation. Populating those tables had been a frustrating, two-day effort. Now they can finish the task in under an hour. Can we save your staff some effort here?