Eliminate cross-month payroll processing bottlenecks and mistakes with TeamNFP’s Timesheet TM8.

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Accuracy counts. With Timesheet TM8 for Abila MIP Payroll users, prepare an accrual entry for cross-month payrolls that actually accrues the work performed when it was performed. This is a lot more accurate than spreading it across both months on a percentage basis (and then enduring manually re-allocating it later). So your reporting is more accurate and with a lot less effort. And you share the workload by pushing time sheet entry work to departments or branch offices even if they don’t have the capability of connecting to the  SQL Server that hosts your Abila MIP Fund Accounting organization database.

Timesheet TM8 is actually a system of two programs, the one used for the data entry (at the “branch location” or department level) and the one that manages it all in the Central Office. Users of the branch program enter their time sheet data with the aid of drop down lists for all MIP Payroll module code fields (from both the Payroll module and Fund Accounting). Each time sheet line item has its own date.

When branch office data is processed in the Central Office program, the time sheets are transferred into MIP’s Payroll module seamlessly and all the lists for the branch program are updated from SQL Server at the click of a button.

We also have several other additional options, including automatic generation of earnings for leave taken, that help you  Increase Your Accountability and Efficiency!

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