Payroll TM8 provides speed, ease, and accuracy to users of external payroll services – and now in TWO versions!

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TeamNFP’s Payroll TM8 is a full-featured product that performs complete validation of all data to insure successful, seamless import of the transaction directly into Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting. It even offers flexible treatment for payrolls that span month end. It will create the accrual and either record payroll net of the accrual on pay day, or generate a reversal entry so that pay is recorded gross on pay day.

If you encounter validations failures in the payroll provider’s data, you’ll know which employees caused the trouble.  Editing is easy, complete with drop down lists with the Abila MIP account codes for making corrections. The program can even correct rounding errors in the source data from your Payroll vendor.

We now offer it in two versions: Payroll TM8 Pro and Payroll TM8 Enterprise. The Pro version is aimed at smaller organizations (those with 75 or fewer employees).

In addition to the features in the Pro version, described above, users of the Enterprise version can control the aggregation level of the entry. You can opt for the summary labor distribution generated by the Pro version or choose one of the two more verbose strategies to either generate  individual cash disbursements for employees (that are individually clearable in Bank Rec) or complete employee detail.

In addition, Payroll TM8 Enterprise can create employee-level benefit cost allocations that are completely accurate, defensible, and take only a few minutes to prepare! No more hidden subsidy problems that can threaten continuation of your funding incurred by using cost-center-level allocations.

And it supports an unlimited number of employees (we have two customers with more than 2000 of them!).

We currently support customers of ADP, Paychex, ABRA, Ceridian, Ultipro, PayCom, Paylocity, Harper’s, PDS, IOI, APS, and Optimal Solutions. But it can work with any provider.

Ask for a demo by contacting us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner.

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