Building Collaborative Alliances for Your Non-Profit

Everyone needs help, especially nonprofits who really have to stretch scarce resources. Can collaborative alliances help? They can do many things but they do require the right team, the right processes, and the right management tools to succeed. It can seem like a puzzle without enough parts. Alliances can fill in those parts and add even more value to projects, funding, operations, deliverables, etc.

Presenter: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., TeamNFP’s Marketing Director, has set up many public and private alliances that have included local, state, national, and even international partners. She has also seen when they go bad. She will share tools and techniques that work — and point out the danger areas and commitment issues (time, money, and energy).

Originally presented May 2017.

Slides: StrategicAllianceSuccessNonProfitsTeamNFP

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