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“Get Geeky: Beginners SQL Queries Tips for Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting®” & Homework

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

This free webinar is presented by TeamNFP Productivity and Fraud Prevention Software and your certified TeamNFP Business Partner.

Are you an MIP Fund Accounting user? Would you like to learn SQL Tips and Tricks to make your life easier and your staff happier but haven’t had the time or energy? Learn from the best and then come back April 17 for part 2, “Get Geekier”, and learn even more.

Presenter: Q Johnson, founder of TeamNFP Software Solutions, the first third party provider for MIP financial management software for nonprofits. We put the pieces together for your success!

Originally presented: Feb. 2018

Slides: GetGeekyWebinarFeb2018

Homework link:Get Geeky Homework

Culture Over Skill: Getting and Keeping the Right People

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Hiring is tricky especially when you are in competition with other nonprofits and for profits. Getting and keeping them is essential to meeting your mission. Don’t make the mistake of hiring  for skill. Culture is key and that is more than just having a desire to help others. What are the other top 7 cultural factors you need to watch and plan for? We’ll tell you. Very useful information for finding volunteers as well.

Presenter: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., Marketing Director for TeamNFP and former Asst. Director of Staff Development for a major Texas agency, will share what she learned on the job and in the years since while working with nonprofits from farmers markets, to healthcare, to literacy, and beyond.

Originally presented October 2017

Presentation TeamNFPCultureOverSkillslides.ppt Slides to download.

Assessing MIP Integration & Automation Options

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Are you an MIP Fund Accounting user? Would you like to Identify efficient task automation projects and opportunities? Don’t live dangerously. Instead, find out how best to handle:

  • Projects that require moving data TO MIP FROM other software
  • Projects that move data FROM MIP TO another software program
  • What to do when there are three players
  • . . .And much, much more

You and your executive team will also learn how to recognize and plan for general dangers that can waste precious time and money.

Presenter: Q Johnson, founder of TeamNFP Software Solutions, the first third party provider for MIP financial management software for nonprofits. We put the pieces together for your success!

Originally presented August 2017.

Slides: MIPIntegrationandAutomationOptions-Aug2017

Building Collaborative Alliances for Your Non-Profit

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Everyone needs help, especially nonprofits who really have to stretch scarce resources. Can collaborative alliances help? They can do many things but they do require the right team, the right processes, and the right management tools to succeed. It can seem like a puzzle without enough parts. Alliances can fill in those parts and add even more value to projects, funding, operations, deliverables, etc.

Presenter: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., TeamNFP’s Marketing Director, has set up many public and private alliances that have included local, state, national, and even international partners. She has also seen when they go bad. She will share tools and techniques that work — and point out the danger areas and commitment issues (time, money, and energy).

Originally presented May 2017.

Slides: StrategicAllianceSuccessNonProfitsTeamNFP

Managing Conflict in the NonProfit Workplace

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Conflict can be good as well as bad. It’s always better if it’s managed timely and appropriately. Find out how to do it legally, safely, and with a positive outcome from our expert speaker, Karen Smithson. Her focus will be on employees and stakeholders of a nonprofit business. CPE Attendence Certificate available upon request.

Sponsored by TeamNFP Software Solutions & its certified TeamNFP Business Partners nationwide.

About our Presenter:

Karen S. Smithson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Karen Smithson is the Director of Human Resources at Atchley & Associates, LLP, a full-service public accounting firm. Her career has focused on human resources and office administration, primarily supporting professional services organizations. She earned her B.S. in Office Administration from Abilene Christian University.

Karen holds the designation of SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Currently, she is a member of SHRM, AHRMA (President-Elect), the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas, and the Austin Association of Mediators.

As a life-long volunteer Karen has served a number of community, education, and religious organizations. As a trained mediator, she serves as a volunteer mediator at the Dispute Resolution Center. In 2013, she was elected to the Board of Directors for the Austin DRC. From 2009 – 20015, she served as an Ombudsman for the Texas Committee of ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve).

Originally presented October 2016.


Abila’s API for MIP Fund Accounting: Clearing Up Some Confusion

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

What keeps the gears moving? API.

API is not just important to software developers. It has a big impact on other add-ons you use. Robert “Q” Johnson, original MIP employee #13 and Managing Member/Chief Developer of TeamNFP TM8 software solutions, will help clear up some confusion about how it works and what to expect. CPE credit available upon request.

Originally presented August 2016.

Slides: AbilaAPIWebinarAug2016

Managing ACA Compliance Requirements for Nonprofits

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

What do you need to know about the Affordable Care Act? What do you need to do to participate and be compliant? These and other issues are the focus of this free program. CPE credit available upon request.

Hosted by TeamNFP with support from your Abila MIP & your TeamNFP Business Partner.

Meet our Experts:

  • Attorney Paula Pierce, P Pierce Law, P.C.
    Before starting her own practice, Ms. Pierce was with the Texas Legal Services Center, a nonprofit legal aid organization, served on the editorial staff of the South Texas College of Law in Houston, and was responsible for funding applications and managing state and federal grants.
  • Bruce Senti, New Market Manager for Aatrix
    Mr Senti has spent the last two years working with over 335,000 businesses and nonprofits including many MIP users who use Aatrix Software to file their year-end reporting. (unable to participate due to a conflict)
  • Bruce Truitt, faculty member US Government Audit Training Institute and the US Department of Justice’s Medicaid Integrity Institute and Chief Statistician on the nationwide Medicare Supplemental Medical Review Project.

What’s below the surface that you don’t know about or didn’t realize you had to do? We will make sure we cover the basics and then get to the compliance issues that trip up many nonprofits. If you have specific issues you’d like the panel to address, please send them to by May 10.

Originally presented:  May 2016

Slides: ACA Webinar May 2016

Fraud & Embezzlement 2.0

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

As Certified Fraud Examiner Bryant Truitt, CEO of Brytan & Associates, Inc., tells audiences and clients, you can’t prevent fraud and embezzlement from happening.

Why do people steal from you? Look at the triangle above: pressure, opportunity, and rationalization. You can slow it down and better protect your non-profit if you know where to look and what to do.

Join Mr. Truitt to find out how you can stay ahead of this constant threat to your organization’s financial well being from individuals and gangs. Learn the who, what, when, and where your vulnerabilities are, why non-profits are easy targets, and how you can be better prepared and stay on guard without losing the essence of why you are a nonprofit serving others.

Those of you who got to hear Mr. Truitt two years ago will appreciate the new information he brings as well as reminders of those things that are easy to forget when fighting fraud, embezzlement, waste, and abuse.

CPE credit available upon request. Hosted by TeamNFP with support from your Abila MIP & your TeamNFP Business Partner.

Originally presented: Feb. 2016

Slides: Fraud 2.0 Webinar Feb 2016

End of Year MIP Planning for CFO’S

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Don’t let the end of the year be the end of you! Our MIP experts and TeamNFP certified business partners will help you get a handle on priorities and “how-to do it more efficiently”. Not just a presentation, it is a conversation with experts on their recommendations, tips, and tricks to help you survive the end of your year — whenever it happens!

Our panelists include CPAs and financial and audit experts with more than 100 years of experience with nonprofits of all kinds and sizes, with special experience working with nonprofits doing business with government agencies.

  • Suzanna Braun, Capitol NPS
  • Michael Golub, NP Solutions
  • Ron Hopkins, NP Solutions
  • Laura Jorstad, NFP Partners

This is eligible for CPE credit and is aimed at the financial manager but key staff are encouraged to attend also.

End of Year planning subjects to be discussed:

  • HR & payroll
  • Encumbrances, payments & more government stuff
  • EOY planning for multiple year ends  or when your year end is NOT 12/31
  • Preparing for the auditors in 2016 & making 2017 even easier using some special MIP features
  • Best practices for small organizations; what to do on Jan. 2

Originally presented Nov. 2015

Slides:EOY Planning for CFOs Webinar Nov 2015

Payroll Wars: How to Choose What to Use

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

What happens when you get a panel of users and experts together to discuss an issue like how to make payroll management more efficient and accurate and less dreaded by staff who have to get everything ready? You don’t get a payroll war but you do get a lively discussion on the pros and cons of using MIP Payroll module, 3rd party payroll companies, and products like Payroll TM8 that bridge the gap and solve problems.

There are legitimate reasons to do it in house and equally good reasons to do it out of house. Panelist Patricia Miele, Patricia Miele Consulting suggested that you change your focus from payroll to the needs of your General Ledger. Other issues to consider include unique payroll requirements caused generally due to grant overlap.

Her high five to decide were:

  1. Payroll size
  2. Organizational culture, stability
  3. Complexity of Accounting (multiple funds)
  4. Complexity of Accounting (other segments)
  5. Complexity of pay codes

She also recommended other factors to consider:

  • Multiple State payrolls
  • Timekeeping solutions
  • Other products & services desired

Special thanks to our other panel members, Michael Golub, CEO of NonProfit Solutions headquartered in Riverside, California, Q Johnson, Managing Member of TeamNFP, and especially our guest customer Cito Venegas, CFO of  the National Older Worker Career Center in Washington D.C.who shared his experiences.

Originally presented May 2015.

Download slides: TeamNFP-PayrollWars-2015.ppt