End of Year MIP Planning for CFO’S

Don’t let the end of the year be the end of you! Our MIP experts and TeamNFP certified business partners will help you get a handle on priorities and “how-to do it more efficiently”. Not just a presentation, it is a conversation with experts on their recommendations, tips, and tricks to help you survive the end of your year — whenever it happens!

Our panelists include CPAs and financial and audit experts with more than 100 years of experience with nonprofits of all kinds and sizes, with special experience working with nonprofits doing business with government agencies.

  • Suzanna Braun, Capitol NPS
  • Michael Golub, NP Solutions
  • Ron Hopkins, NP Solutions
  • Laura Jorstad, NFP Partners

This is eligible for CPE credit and is aimed at the financial manager but key staff are encouraged to attend also.

End of Year planning subjects to be discussed:

  • HR & payroll
  • Encumbrances, payments & more government stuff
  • EOY planning for multiple year ends  or when your year end is NOT 12/31
  • Preparing for the auditors in 2016 & making 2017 even easier using some special MIP features
  • Best practices for small organizations; what to do on Jan. 2

Originally presented Nov. 2015

Slides:EOY Planning for CFOs Webinar Nov 2015

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