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Add to your security by knowing with confidence what cleared the bank with TeamNFP’s Check Clearing TM8.

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Individually, manually checking those issued items as cleared in the bank reconciliation module is boring and error prone.  Don’t hate; automate!

In addition to marking the checks for you, it validates the list of all the checks in the file from your bank and notifies you of any that are suspicious because of a wrong amount or unknown check number. And you can print the list of those items with one click.

You control the  date you’d like used for which all the items will be marked cleared.

The program supports the fixed width and CSV files typically offered by banks and you needn’t worry about the format at all.  If we don’t already support your bank, we’ll add yours at no extra cost.

Ask for a demo by contacting us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner.

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