Multi-Lingual Checks TM8 avoids confusion, mistakes or delays with Non-English speaking banks

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Nonprofits who work internationally have unique problems especially when it comes  to staff who need to get their checks processed at their local non-English speaking bank. Multi-Lingual Checks TM8 lets you provide local language word pictures of those amounts.

In addition, there is an extra-powerful check layout designer which allows you to change any other aspect of the checks you print (even the column headers on the stubs). For example, you can change the “Vendor” and “Account” text to the correct word in another language.  We currently support Spanish and French. If you have need for another language, please contact us or your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner.

FYI: You can even just use it to do radical customizations of your checks in English.

Ask for a demo by contacting us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner.

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