Help Yourself! Report Group TM8 is a freebie!

Have you ever wanted to create a new Report Group that is just a little bit different from one you already have? For those times, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make a copy of one to make a new one? Now you can. In fact the one you want to copy can come from any MIP Organization database to which you have access.

Use is practically intuitive. On the login screen, you provide your MIP login and password and the system determines which databases you’re allowed to access and lets you choose one to get started.

Then on the main screen you choose the source and target databases and the segment for which the group is defined. Then you choose the name of the Set you want to copy and provide a new name for that set when it’s copied for you. Just press the Copy Group button and you’re done! The new Set is ready to use in MIP Fund Accounting. Just make the few modifications you need and you’re read to run reports with it. If you’re a little suspicious that it was too fast and easy, run a report before you modify it to confirm that it works exactly like the one from which you made the copy!

We hope you enjoy the convenience of this little utility and the confidence you gain in running our software.

[Installation notes: (1) You’ll need local administrator rights on your workstation to install this. If you don’t have them, contact your IT staff. (2) The workstation on which you install it must have MIP installed locally so that it can directly access your SQL Server. This I not currently possible for those using Abila hosting. But on-premises users and users of other hosting services can install it.]

Just download this file for RptGrpTm8-SetUp to install it on a workstation with a User who has Admin privileges. For more information, read ReportGroupTM8 pdf.