College Students chatting outsideGet paid faster & easier when you send Customer Invoices and Statements with TeamNFP’s AR TM8 E-Mailer!

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Customers often change their physical address more frequently than they do their e-mail address. Deliver your statements and invoices more accurately and get paid more quickly with TeamNFP’s AR TM8 E-mailer. Save the expense of paper, envelopes, postage, ink and the labor of stuffing and mailing. Free up staff time.

E-mail bounce backs give will give your nonprofit a much quicker notice that your statements haven’t been delivered than the request for address notification from the post office. AR TM8 E-mailers increases collection efficiency and saves time and money at the same time!

The comprehensive report writer that’s included let’s you design your statements and invoices to look exactly as you want them. Selection from among multiples you may haved designed is simple, so you can offer customized versions for different groups of your customers.

Version 3.5 offers support for UDFs you may have created in Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting for Invoices and the Line Items as well as a tracking feature that can greatly increase your confidence that you have processed all the intended customers – even though you managed it with so little effort!

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