Eliminate your exposure to the risk of check fraud with Positive Pay TM8.

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With Positive Pay TM8 you can provide your bank with a file of the checks you produce so that they will be able to honor only those you produce and investigate any others as suspicious items.

Important options added in version 3.0 for user’s of Abila’s MIP EFT module and those whose banks can process files with issues from multiple accounts!  And we now provide support for creating Positive Pay files with MIP Payroll, even if you transfer in Summary!  And there are also special options for those who bank with Bank of America in California or Illinois that make it easy to change Certification information.  (We also support Bank of America in the other states where the special support isn’t required.) Call your business partner and find out if we already support your bank.  If we don’t, we’ll be happy to add yours at no additional cost! Just contact us.

Prior to version 3.0, although the program supported multiple bank file formats, a particular user could only be configured for one.  In version 3.0, however, that limitation has been eliminated. Now the user may choose to prepare a file for any of our supported banks at any time.

And in version 4.0 you have complete and convenient control of the name and location of the file written for your financial institution.

UPDATE FOR 2019! In the time since the last update of this page, we have progressed to version 6.3. We support more than 45 file formats for more than 40 banks . And we have features of a specific nature that may be important to you or to your bank. You have individual options for the exclusion of payroll direct deposits and/or AP EFT (ACH) payments. Some banks are happy with them in the Positive Pay file, too. Some are not. And another feature that may be even more important for you if you are a payroll user is that we can send your payroll checks in a Positive Pay file to the bank EVEN IF YOU TRANSFERRED IN SUMMARY. This is actually a pretty neat trick since the checks don’t exist in the General Ledger as individual transactions!

Ask for a demo by contacting us directly or your TeamNFP Certified Business Partner.

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