Citi Bank Wire TM8

Our standard wire transfer application supports international wires for two other banks. But this one focuses on Citi Bank and will support both domestic and international wires.

Two straight-forward steps will have you effortlessly sending those wires. First, set up your vendors and cash accounts properly with the wire information Citi Bank requires (the program will create the UDFs in MIP that hold this information). Then, when you create a disbursement session that has wires in it, just open our application, select that session, and it will automatically choose only the vendors who should get wires and build the file you upload to Citi Bank. You can preview the data that will be written for the selected session so that you can easily correct any missing or incorrect information either permanently (by changing the UDF values in MIP) or temporarily (by changing the data displayed in the application for this event only).

This makes a somewhat cumbersome manual process about as easy as it can be and it supports multiple cash accounts and multiple MIP Organization Databases!