Superior Tracking of Grant Requests

Are you losing money because you can’t efficiently make your draw down requests against your grant funding? Are you get penalized for making duplicate requests for the same expense? Are you failing to get reimbursement for every expense for which you are entitled? With Draw Down Mgt TM8, none of these will be an issue.

The program shows all the expense data you want to see by letting you filter based on any two MIP segments and date. You can even optionally show segments that aren’t used for filtering. You can flag items as being Not Reimbursable so that you’ll never be available to select them accidentally. And you can easily handle the re-processing of expense items that are initially rejected by your funder with requests for further information or clarification. Once you indicate receipt of payment for your request, the expense item will never be available for selection again. So duplicate requests are virtually impossible. And for all of the data you view in the program, you also have an easy export to excel, pdf, and other formats to document the request process if you choose.

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