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Payroll Wars: How to Choose What to Use

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

What happens when you get a panel of users and experts together to discuss an issue like how to make payroll management more efficient and accurate and less dreaded by staff who have to get everything ready? You don’t get a payroll war but you do get a lively discussion on the pros and cons of using MIP Payroll module, 3rd party payroll companies, and products like Payroll TM8 that bridge the gap and solve problems.

There are legitimate reasons to do it in house and equally good reasons to do it out of house. Panelist Patricia Miele, Patricia Miele Consulting suggested that you change your focus from payroll to the needs of your General Ledger. Other issues to consider include unique payroll requirements caused generally due to grant overlap.

Her high five to decide were:

  1. Payroll size
  2. Organizational culture, stability
  3. Complexity of Accounting (multiple funds)
  4. Complexity of Accounting (other segments)
  5. Complexity of pay codes

She also recommended other factors to consider:

  • Multiple State payrolls
  • Timekeeping solutions
  • Other products & services desired

Special thanks to our other panel members, Michael Golub, CEO of NonProfit Solutions headquartered in Riverside, California, Q Johnson, Managing Member of TeamNFP, and especially our guest customer Cito Venegas, CFO of  the National Older Worker Career Center in Washington D.C.who shared his experiences.

Originally presented May 2015.

Download slides: TeamNFP-PayrollWars-2015.ppt