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Culture Over Skill: Getting and Keeping the Right People

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Hiring is tricky especially when you are in competition with other nonprofits and for profits. Getting and keeping them is essential to meeting your mission. Don’t make the mistake of hiring  for skill. Culture is key and that is more than just having a desire to help others. What are the other top 7 cultural factors you need to watch and plan for? We’ll tell you. Very useful information for finding volunteers as well.

Presenter: Jan Triplett, Ph.D., Marketing Director for TeamNFP and former Asst. Director of Staff Development for a major Texas agency, will share what she learned on the job and in the years since while working with nonprofits from farmers markets, to healthcare, to literacy, and beyond.

Originally presented October 2017

Presentation TeamNFPCultureOverSkillslides.ppt Slides to download.