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Assessing MIP Integration & Automation Options

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Are you an MIP Fund Accounting user? Would you like to Identify efficient task automation projects and opportunities? Don’t live dangerously. Instead, find out how best to handle:

  • Projects that require moving data TO MIP FROM other software
  • Projects that move data FROM MIP TO another software program
  • What to do when there are three players
  • . . .And much, much more

You and your executive team will also learn how to recognize and plan for general dangers that can waste precious time and money.

Presenter: Q Johnson, founder of TeamNFP Software Solutions, the first third party provider for MIP financial management software for nonprofits. We put the pieces together for your success!

Originally presented August 2017.

Slides: MIPIntegrationandAutomationOptions-Aug2017