Q’s Tips: Protect Your SA Password

Q Recommends MIP’s SafeKey Feature to Help Protect Your SA Account from Fraud & Embezzlement

The SQL Server on which you host your MIP database needs to be secure from those who seek to make unauthorized changes in pursuit of various fraud strategies.

For most of you, this isn’t a major concern. Your IT staff installed the SQL Server and the MIP software and the related system credentalslare under their safe protection.

But many of you may have performed the installation yourselves, or delegated it to the “techie” on your accounting staff.  When the SQL Server was installed, it required the set-up of the “sa” (system administrator) account and the creation of the password for it. That user account name and password must be stored safely. If you aren’t sure where it is, ask your IT staff (if you have one and your business partner if you don’t) to be sure and change that password and to secure it carefully so that none of the accounting staff have access to it. This should reduce any worries you have about fraud or embezzlement and it will definitely please your auditors.

If you’ve been using that account to gain access to the MIP data with SQL Management Studio, Access, or any other external software, have no fear. You can still use those tools, but DO NOT use your sa account for such access. Using  this account gives you “WRITE” access that can result in unintended changes to the data you view!!

Instead, use the MIP SafeKey feature. It will provide you with credentials that will allow you to connect to that data with only READ authority; no WRITING. If you have any questions about SafeKey, give your Business Partner a call.

Final Word

Passwords are precious don’t let just anyone have them. Remember, your computers don’t really recognize the person who puts them in and gains access to your accounts. Make sure it’s just you or authorized personnel only!

(TeamNFP Founder Robert Q Johnson was one of the early developers of MIP and has long been famous for his “Q’s Tips”. We share them with our Certified Business Partners and now are sharing them with everyone. We hope you find them helpful.)

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