5 Ways to Evaluate Your MIP Business Partner

Diagnose the value of your MIP Business Partner.

Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting program is powerful and that makes it complex. It’s important to have the best support you can get to make sure you use it efficiently and effectively.

MIP also responds to changes in compliance regulations and user needs through upgrades. These can affect how to do financial management tasks. Your support system should help you stay current.

And, finally, even the best software has glitches — those irritating things that don’t work with existing reports or processes and need to be fixed or patched. Since MIP has partners like TeamNFP, these “bugs” can also affect your ability to use add-on products that your nonprofit depends on to make the most of your financial management investment.

Take time to make sure your MIP Business Partner is giving you what you need. They should be increasing your productivity and reducing wasted time and effort of your employees.

How to Evaluate Your MIP Business Partner

Here are some criteria to help you evaluate your Business Partner. These are what TeamNFP uses to choose its Business Partners who sell our products.

Does your Business Partner who consults with you and provides you support:

  1. Regularly read the MIP Knowledge Base to stay current?
  2. Bring to your attention MIP problems that have been uncovered in the Knowledge Base before you struggle with them? Each month we meet with the TeamNFP partners to point out issues that we feel are most relevant to our customers.
  3. Provide you and your staff with regular training on updates or key aspects of MIP and any add-on software products you use? TeamNFP participates in User meetings regularly and holds special demos and training for our partners’ clients. Our Partners have training on our software and help us field test it before it’s released.
  4. Gather feedback from you about your user experience and any special needs? Do they share that with MIP and your other program providers? Do you see the changes you wanted in upgrades? All TeamNFP software was developed because of input from our partners and their users. Our upgrades are 90% user initiated. This three-way team of users, partners, and TeamNFP keeps us focused on the constantly improving the user experience, stability, and productivity.
  5. Act as your advocate to help you find solutions to your unique situation? Frequently, this mean a custom software solution or service. TeamNFP partners are often able to provide a solution themselves or work with us to arrive at a reasonably priced way to meet users’ needs.

If your MIP Business Partner isn’t meeting your needs, talk to them. Tell them how to help you. According to the Better Business Bureau, most customers don’t complain, they just leave. You’ve invested time and effort to select MIP, make the most of that selection.

Of course, if you’re truly dissatisfied or things aren’t working out, you may have to find another Business Partner. Please check out the TeamNFP Certified Business Partner list.

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